Friday, February 12, 2010

Are people getting more attractive?

You've heard it a million times before. "I wish girls looked like that when I was that age."

You've heard it from thirty year old guys and seventy year old guys.

Are people in fact getting more attractive?   Let's take a look.

Here's a pic of an average office party with regular people from the twenties.

We've noted most of the dating age people with attraction scores based on the most common 1-10 scale.  Zero is a monster, five an average person, seven attractive with no obvious physical flaws (solid gf/bf material for most people), and ten being a model.

Note that the AVERAGE attractiveness in the room is 6.4.  

Now let's take a look at a modern office party:

Now we find that the average is 5.78.

So are people really getting more attractive, or are there simply so many more people in the population that the rare models/tens are a larger group of people, of which there are now plenty to fill up all the advertising and popular programming you watch?  

The numbers are almost identical if you round them out.  If you're at a bar or club, there will always tend to be more attractive people because as a rule the least attractive people don't feel comfortable in a place that is so looks conscious.

So when you're feeling like you're the ugliest person in the world, remember that YOU are the majority. This means that MOST girls are perfectly in your league.  The further you reach up out of your league, the tighter your game has to be.  
 - Bon


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  2. This is such bullshit. For one thing, you rated the pictures. Some ratings I didn't agree with, which is fine, but you can't be the one to say this person is this attractive. Well, I guess that's kind of the point but you should let your readers decide that. You also only had two pictures. You need a larger variety of pictures. I think it would be best if you actually did some research and put up pictures of what was considered attractive at the time.