Wednesday, March 31, 2010

How to pick up asian girls, by an asian girl

Every guy has a wish list type of girl. Some have a soft spot for redheads. Some guys like blondes.

A whole lot of guys like Asian girls. A whole lot of guys have no idea how to attract them.

Here's a brief how-to written by a cute North American one:

Seeing as how I'm an Asian girl, I can think of a few things compiled from my own and friends' preferences.

Standoffish might mean shy, which virtually every Asian girl I've met is. You must persist, but NEVER appear desperate.

This is the first rule of approaching Asian women.  Hear me out. It may seem racist, but what I am about to tell you is true.  Most Asian women expect the man to do EVERYTHING.  They may want equal rights blah blah... but they expect the man to do all the approaching, all the prompting, and pay for the dates unless otherwise specified.  If the girl is standoffish, she may simply have nothing to say to you because she is conditioned to be shy and demure.  You must become smooth.

Second, there are two types of Asian girls:

They either like girly men, or manly men.  This is pretty much hit or miss... though the majority go for the girly men, therefore you will make a better first impression if you:
  1. Dress well
  2. Are well groomed
Emphasize eyebrows. You may have to pluck.
If you have acne, get something to clear it up.

Dressing well is a sign of wealth.  This is extremely important to Asians.  You may sometimes see retarded Asian males wearing gangsta clothingThis is fail.  You should wear something that a woman would pick out for you. Something a bit dressy, something that screams straight A student.

Third, realize that Asian girls generally love tall white guys.  If you look good, and are hitting on them they will probably be flatteredBe confident. Don't be cocky unless you can still be charming.

Fourth, avoid the "can you translate this for me" approach.  If you guess the wrong language, it is an automatic turn off.  If you are obviously lying, you will just look dumb.

Don't approach them using some kind of Asian pretense.  Pretend you don't notice they are Asian.

BE POLITE.  Politeness is a huge + (for the majority of Asian girls).  Regardless of what they say, courtesy is ingrained in the North American Asians just as much as Asians straight from Asia.  They will see politeness as a sign of respect... unless they have completely rebelled against their culture.  This will manifest in heavy makeup and slutty clothing.  Even then, politeness is still a good bet, as their subconscious desire may conflict with the conscious claim of the Asian woman.

Fifth:  There is a 99.9% chance that the Asian girl you are looking at has been exposed to some type of Asian romance drama.  This is probably the most irritating thing about Asian girls.  In these dramas, people do weird things for no reason and the relationships rarely make sense.  However, there is emphasis on 'significant acts' and "everlasting love".

This means that if you give a girl a token of your affection such as a ring, a small drawing you made, or a hair clip you think she'd like...even if she doesn't like it, it's going to be a plus one.  If you give her something on your first meeting, its a WTF+1.  Give her a flower and ask her to dance.  Suddenly she has stepped into a Korean drama dream world which is equivalent to a Disney tale.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Gender English

What you say vs. what you mean.

The Natural

The Natural wrote down a few thoughts that bear posting.

You hear about true naturals a lot in pickup. You wonder what makes them a "natural" when social vibing and instinct is so tough for you.  Naturals understand basic things about interacting with people and have completely internalized them. You can see that they are basic but true. Most core truths are.

Sometimes it's the basics that you have to remind yourself of:

Give examples of  how you want to be treated. How can someone know if you're even capable of showing compassion if you, yourself, don't show compassion to others?

To make friends all one has to do is show an example of how you want to be treated.

You make friends the same way you make lovers.  Treat someone you want contact with the same way you, yourself, would want to be treated.

If you're a guy and you want to show a girl you care about her, then you show a soft, loving, caring, and compassionate side of yourself.

We all have different feelings inside of us and they are closely related to how we treat others.

The better you treat others, the better you yourself feel.

Say what you mean.

Do not lie just to spare feelings.

It's better not to speak if only bad will be the end result.

Why bring bad when the choice to do right is for the good of all.

To hate others is keeping in the good.  Let out the positive and reinforcing words into the world, or negativity will come in to replace the good.

Let your light shine, and bring peace and happiness.

Evil is only present when good is not around.

Positivity repels Evil.

The light is the only thing that brings clarity to see what is happening.

Be cool to others instead of just trying to piss people off.

Because that's just not cool motherfuckers! xx

Note: These are actual pictures of TN flying a 2meter at Kite point, Lake Hefner (Oklahoma City) 3-29-10. The best things in life are simple and free.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Older Guys with Style

We get a lot of older guys wanting to get back into the dating game.

One of the biggest problems most of them have is they are stuck in their comfortable fashion of ten to twenty years ago.

Here are some helpful style ideas from guys that are older but with a sense of fashion. 

Most of these are found over on

Friday, March 19, 2010

How things really work

Pickup is a really tough thing to swallow.

Think about what you're REALLY telling a guy.

A) 10% of the guys have been banging 90% of the women your entire life and you haven't been in the 10%

B) Everything that everyone, including movies, culture, your parents, your friends, everyone you've ever known, including your girlfriends, has been wrong/bullshit.
C) All those times your girl left you or fucked some other guy it's been EASY for those guys simply because they had a little pickup knowledge, or they just naturally figured it out as a kid.

D) Everything you've been working for your entire life.. cars/house/success/money/life has been a waste of time because you can get the girl of your dreams and keep her happy with just some knowledge of how women actually work.

E) You are a chump. Women, and those 10% of men, know it and have always known it.

This is a TOUGH motherfucking pill to swallow.

The only thing that makes it worse is going out in the field and testing this stuff and getting girls, and nailing them on the same night, and their girlfriends. While their so sad nice guy ex bf or bf is texting his I love you sooo much messages to her. The same messages you've sent plenty of. Then it dawns on you what your ex gf's were REALLY doing while you were sending them and boo hooing. Once you've gotten over that shock, the shades are lifted from your eyes, and you're finally at one with how things REALLY work. Some men get to work and finally get their lives right. Some men run screaming in pure revulsion from the horror of the above realizations.
The haters are mostly guys who want to keep believing what the television and their mom told them, to just "be yourself" and everyone will have a happy ending. They'll get what they always got, and never understand the truth.
They'll keep hating "those fag jocks, man. They're fucking assholes. I don't understand why she's WITH those guys". The chumps will never get in the gym for six months, learn some pickup, and go GET the dreamgirl. They'll keep hoping for miracles, hating the successful guys, and shit talking anyone who points out the tested, verified, reproducable results that pickup is comprised of.

When the early astronomers, "Galileo, Copernicus, etc", first started telling people that the Earth went around the Sun, the religeous people tried to silence, then kill them. The astronomers were scientists though, and said "I don't care if it shatters your world, your belief system, or your God. This is how shit REALLY works."

Pickup: This is how shit REALLY works.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

What a married man really wants

So you've done it. You've gamed your ass off, became an alpha, found the girl. Married the girl.

You've got the house, the kids, the job, and the awesome wife who you (omg) actually truly love.

Now what?

Well, the best thing is, it's up to you.  But. Even if everything is on track and you're really truly digging your kids and love your wife, it's easy to fall into a pattern.

Falling into a pattern is easy to do. It's your job to break it up so it doesn't become one.  This goes not only for taking care of yourself with exercise and adventures, but also in keeping your relationship in the proper man/woman perspective.

No girl wants to spend her life with some boring old dude, so don't become that.

If you want more sex, make it happen. If you want a sloppy blowjob for father's day, don't ask for clothes or a new set of socket wrenches. You are the man and part of that is letting her know what you really want.

Suffering because you don't get what you want makes you resent her. If she's great enough to marry, she's great enough to not deserve your resentment. She deserves betterafraid to ask than a pissy, bitch ass husband that is for what he REALLY WANTS.

Here's one man's Fathers day request:

Every year you ask what I want for Father's Day with the kids (conveniently?) sitting right in front of us, and every year I provide G-rated suggestions because (call me a prude) its sorta not appropriate to ask for sexual favors in front of the kids. So in the off chance you're reading the rants or looking for a poolboy, even though we don't have a pool, here's what I really want:

I want to wake up to you sucking my cock. Defined, this means that I'm asleep and you go down on me while I'm asleep, not after 45 minutes of me pretending to be asleep and dreaming of winning the blow job lottery. Please skip the requisite if-I-have-to sigh and eye rolling for one day.

I want a breakfast including eggs, bacon, and fresh fruit. No carb-packed wheat-byproducts, nothing frozen, nothing out of a box, and especially nothing in individually wrapped servings.

I want to have a fun day doing anything except what is on the honey-do list. Anything on the do-honey list is perfectly OK.

Giving me grief while watching Nascar Sunday is not a good idea.
Giving me head while watching Nascar Sunday is a great idea.
Asking me to dig some holes in the backyard is not a good idea.
Asking me to plug your hole in your backdoor is a great idea.
Taking the kids out for a while and letting me nap would be nice.
Taking my cock out and sucking it after my nap would be nicer.

For dinner, I want a slab of red meat. Fresh, premium, not shrink wrapped. BBQ'd, not nuked or broiled. Rare. So rare a good veterinarian can revive it. A tall, cold beer. And fresh vegetables on the side, although it's unlikely I'll eat them, so I don't know why I bothered mentioning them.

After the kiddies are asleep, I want sex. Uninhibited, sweaty, porn star sex. Gone for the night is the bored housewife in boring clothes reading a boring book, I am going to be the dominant male and you to be my submissive anything-to-please-daddy fuck-slut.

I want you wearing something erotic. Defined, 'erotic' includes leather, lace, high heels, crotchless, racy, etc. 'Erotic' probably includes that thing you bought for Valentines Day two years ago that never made it out of the drawer. 'Erotic' does not include baggy jammies, grandma underwear, furry slippers, sweatpants, sweatshirts, sweatsocks, or the asexual garments you wear the other 364 days.

I want my cock sucked again, deep throated, like you can't get enough, and when I cum, I want you to savor it like it's Godiva white chocolate. Don't give me that 'it tastes funny'crap; lick it up and suck it up and smile all the way.

I want you fucking me like its the last dick you'll be getting for a while. Acceptable positions are on your knees, on top, doggie style, bent over, hanging from the ceiling, pretty much anything except missionary on the bed. Slap your ass cheeks, rub your clit, pinch your nipples, talk dirty, suck me often, and most importantly, finger your ass. Finger your ass until its ready for my cock, then beg for my cock up your ass and fuck it like you did with your pussy.

When I cum, yes, I'm cumming in your ass. I don't care if you get the runs tomorrow, I am cumming in your ass. Because it feels great. And then I'll fuck your ass until I'm limp and resigned to waiting another 365 days to tap your ass again.

Because Dear Wife, it's Father's Day, my day, and that's what I really want.