Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Rejection Ejection

I used to be a bartender.

By far, best thing I ever saw, happened late one Friday night.

There was a woman standing at the bar drinking alone. A guy walked over. He seemed very friendly and tried to strike up a conversation. She was offish and rude to him so eventually he gave up. But, before turning to leave, he said "I may not be the best looking man in here, but I'm the only one talking to you."

Monday, December 28, 2009

How to pick me up - by a hot girl

Here's a recent run down on how to pick up a hot girl, written by one.

  • Tell me something I don't know.  By that, I mean don't tell me about what level you are in WOW or about fantasy baseball league (unless I ask).  Tell me about something you saw in the news recently, a trip you just came back from, etc.  Most girls have heard all of the same things before.  Providing me with something new makes you a lot more interesting.  It also makes you seem like you're just friendly and trying to have a conversation, not like you're trying to get in my pants.
  • The right kind of girl could probably care less what you're wearing in terms of brand.  As long as it doesn't add ten pounds to your frame or your t-shirt says something like "made you look".  That being said, do not dress or look like a total douche bag.  I'm not impressed by jewel-adorned jeans or t-shirts (save that for the ladies). I'm not attracted to bright orange skin, or hair that makes me want to touch it only because I know it won't move.  Personally, I'm attracted to the "I care but I don't" look, like jeans and a t-shirt or hoodie.  We can tell if you're comfortable in your clothing, and more importantly we can tell if you're trying too hard.
  • Pick up lines are not a solid introduction.  Simply saying "Hey, what's going on?" or giving a genuine smile is probably your best bet.  If she replies or smiles back, it means she's A) not a bitch and B) most likely willing to have a conversation of sorts.  If the conversation dies, let it die.  Just say "See you around." or something.   Don't stand there in the hopes it will pick up.  If she's interested, she'll let you know.  Also, leaving the conversation before it even gets to that point is good.  If you're not getting any positive vibes, just politely bail.
  • I cannot stress the importance of smelling good.  However, don't make me wonder if you work for Axe or The Body Shop.  This goes for your body AND your clothes.
  • If you have any, bring a female friend.  It will probably make you feel more comfortable and make you appear as if you actually know how to talk to girls.  Also, she'll be able to save you if it seems like you're digging yourself a hole.
  • Act like you're having fun and a good time!
I hope that helps. Good luck, Stud. :)  - Reina

Courtesy Reddit.com

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Knowledge is Power- Scientia potentia est

Scientia potentia est - For also knowledge itself is power

We may believe, as a community, that we can be lead to knowledge by the masters of our art. One of my earliest students I taught Scientia potentia est too was Autumn, a young, aspiring seduction scientist.

"Surely, Mystery has experienced all my problems, and comes with solutions? By reading his writings, surely I can gain knowledge, and therefore be a confident Master Pick Up Artist (MPUA)?"

I replied:
"No man can lead you to knowledge. Knowledge comes with learning. Understanding. And, most importantly building connections between your own beliefs, mindset and skills. Knowledge can only be gained from within."

I realised that most need to be taught how to truly acquire knowledge. Thankfully, there is a simple method you should make your New Years resolution. Read a source (blogs, books , transcripts etc), whether its NLP, PUA or just a related topic that catches your attention, at least once a month. To truly learn this material, I suggest you take notes as you see key points, in your own words. And, overall, these notes should consume less than what you can fit on a postit note (or 1/8 of a A4 page).

Now, the knowledge part. Revisit just these notes after 2 months, or when you require the book. By reading just the notes, you should remember writing them, where they apply, and suddenly, you'll reabsorb the main meaning of the book. Think how this applies to other books you've read. Does it match? Improve? Or disprove? What do you prefer? As you build these links, you'll spot patterns rapidly. You'll be able to solve situations not just from a Mystery point of view, but also from other sources, building a more natural, self method to seduction.

Try it. Make it your target for the New Year.


Friday, December 25, 2009

Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Times

I have been the happiest I've ever been in the past year. Let me tell you why...

     I recently discovered, through the wonderful criticism of my friends, how I do what I do. It's true that everything I do, I give my best. It looks natural because I've already fucked it up every way that it could be fucked up.

I think what help set the mind-frame I have now was in fact joining the military at seventeen. This is a true test of survival of the fittest.

I didn't die in the past eight years, so now I think, at least in my own mind, that I have the right to the American way until I die. This frame of mind makes me very thankful for all the little things I do have. I have inner peace and forgive me if this sounds familiar, but my Chi is fucking centered. I'm not getting religious on you. In fact, Nature is my crack. It's my crystal meth. If you ever have held anything in, you know it eats you from the inside out. That is why I've been the happiest I've ever been in the past year, because i don't have anything personal to hide. If you haven't read my book, write your own. It is the way I got my conscience clear and my Chi centered.

When you have no secrets, you don't have a heavy mind. It takes a lot of balls to admit to the things one has done in life. I admitted to everyone and published it as my autobiography. I wrote it in combat and it was originally meant as my eulogy. But, I wanted to be free and lose what ever friends wanted to lose me.
      The friends I have now are the result of learning from my past. True happiness is what I can offer. Let a friend know what you're ashamed of living with, and pass on that burden until it either gets fixed or you can stop thinking about it constantly. I am always free to listen.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Bachelor Life goes INTERNATIONAL

We are excited here at TBL. We've finally crossed the pond.

We're excited to hear about all things pickup from the founding member of the TBL crew Europe: Paradox

He is representing from England. We're excited to have a talented new writer in the scene contributing original content and, if you pay attention, improving your life.  Since he's from Europe, he's experienced competing with real players from Italy, France, etc. This means you want to listen.

In honor, here are some English guys with game:

Gentlemen, I am Paradox

I'm Paradox, I'm the latest guest writer here on TBL. I'll be posting must have advice for any new, existing, or established Seduction Scientist, that, from other sources would normally cost a fortune. Every week (check regular, I'm rather spontaneous) I'll post a nice, short, to the point tip you can introduce to your game, no matter what level you are, alongside my unique flowchart lesson strategy, helping to build 100% natural game.

Here's your first TBL exclusive tip: Read the blog! Knowledge is power!
I came to this realisation on my first true sarge. I'd read Mystery Method, Double Your Dating, and of course, The Game. I could open, comfort, and close. Yet, I lacked what I truly desired. A sense for what to do next all natural have. This comes only with knowledge. Pick a trustworthy source of information, and spend just a few minutes, on your mobile, computer, whatever, reading a few tips. It'll make you more confident, better able to cope with unpredictable scenarios (aka, women ;P) and, it'll keep you up to date with the latest developments in the field.

Merry Christmas, eat, drink and get sarging,


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Very Merry Christmas!!

Hey, have a really REALLY great Christmas this year.

Most years you never know how it's going to go. This year try to MAKE it good by really bringing happiness and a good time to everyone around you.

Much love. - The Bachelor Life crew

Monday, December 21, 2009

TBL Guide to taking one for the team

You will be asked to take one for the team at some point.

Your friend is locked in with a hot girl, and her ugly friend is bored/cock blocking.

Now you and your friend both know for GOT DAMN sure he owes you one for this. At some point though, you may find yourself at a bridge. The bridge called "Do I really have to hook up with her?". This is the transition from "handling" a cock block, and taking one for the team. Taking one all smelly, sweaty night long.

Remember this: It is OK to tell your buddy he's on his own. There are plenty of women in the world. You don't have to sacrifice your penis. Just keep in mind that someday the cheerleader may be on the other foot.

Here's a handy guide to what types of girl you should man up and help your buddy out with, and which ones you can say "Sorry bro, I love you, but I've got to go."

Preselection from a woman's point of view

 Since we're delving into the mind of women lately, here's a gem written in the first person about how women deal with pre-selected men.

From the always excellent "http://www.violentacres.com"


"I think I was around 19 years old when I became mildly interested in my co-worker, Jack. I fancied his voice and when you’re young, dumb, and pumped full of estrogen, that’s all it usually takes for a man to earn an eyebrow rise.
I casually made some inquires on Jack’s status and soon learned that he had a girlfriend. Now usually, a girlfriend is merely a small obstacle that can be quickly overcome, but in Jack’s case, this was a 4 year old relationship. At our age, a 4 year long relationship was an eternity. To me, that suggested that there were some real feelings between Jack and his girl. Maybe they were even in love.
Upon that realization, my mild interest abruptly turned to ‘I have to have him.’
The truth is women love to compete with other women. Women want to win men over. They want to be chosen by a man who could have any girl he wants. No woman of caliber wants to win a man by default. She wants her man to be a prize, a good catch, someone she can be proud of. When you tell a woman that her significant other is handsome or intelligent, she’ll likely beam with self satisfaction. In complimenting her man, you’ve complimented her. You have told her, in so many words, that she is capable of attracting a quality mate. The women who rail against this usually have a low self esteem and thus avoid competition because they fear they’ll always fail….or they’re ugly. You pick.
I’m not sure if this is socialization or biology. After all, how many men are constantly exclaiming that they couldn’t get a date to save their lives when they were single, only to snag a girlfriend and be surrounded by willing seducers? It happens all the freaking time. My situation was no exception.
And anyone who is shocked by the fact that I was about to cross a line and nefariously woo a boy away from his girl needs to give me a fucking break. When I was 19, I was not deeper or more self aware than any other girl my age. I was not ‘above’ anything. I was the same idiotic, short sighted twit as the rest of them. Cut me some slack, already.
Also, I’d like to point out that my ways of wooing a man are embarrassingly old fashioned. My great grandmother gave me all of my dating advice as a young adult and she was born in 1904, so it included such pearls of wisdom such as ‘never look at a boy first, don’t express too much interest, never start the conversation, and for god’s sakes, never initiate The Talk.’ But I’d also like to point out that my great grandmother was happily married for 52 years, so take her advice for what you will.
So I commenced with my wooing which included some light laughter, a couple of well placed accidental flashes of skin, and a few knowing looks. When Jack invited me to grab some coffee after work, I’d smiled at him coyly and say, “Now that would hardly be appropriate, considering your girlfriend…” and then I’d sashay away before he could answer.
Yeah, the logical part of my mind can hardly believe garbage like that works, either. But dating isn’t about logic. It’s all maneuverings and subtle manipulations.
After about 6 weeks of this, Jack invited me out to dinner, but before I could turn him down he teasingly informed me that he no longer had a girlfriend to insult my sense of appropriateness.
Girlfriend was out. I was in. We began casually dating.
But even as I tentatively claimed victory, I second guessed myself. After all, Jack and I were only dating. He and his girlfriend had enjoyed a four year long relationship. If I couldn’t inspire in Jack those same feelings for myself, technically, technically, I had not won. It wasn’t until I pondered this that I realized exactly how much competition had motivated my actions. Sure, I liked Jack. But had he not had a girlfriend, I probably wouldn’t have bothered to get to know him enough to like him in the first place.
I started thinking about all the other ways in which women compete. For example, fashion. Women don’t dress to impress men. Men are just as happy to see you wearing one of their shirts than in a smart pants suit. Women dress to impress other women. Women also compete with other women in terms of popularity and prestige. They gather friends and worshipers around them like little status symbols. Men don’t care about how many phone numbers a woman has programmed into her cell phone.
Before you claim that I am, once again, judging women too harshly, I will concede that a good portion of women grow out of this behavior as they age. True, in current generations enlightened women are becoming increasingly fewer, but who knows? The world isn’t stagnant. It can change.
But I’m digressing again, so back to my story.
In my muddled teenaged mind, I wondered if competition would inspire Jack like it had inspired me. So I decided to perform a little experiment.
I bought myself 2 dozen red roses. I wrote on the card ‘I can’t stop thinking about you.’ Then I placed them in the corner of my room, on top of my entertainment center. My goal was to make sure that they were visible without making it seem like I was purposely trying to draw attention to them.
That evening, Jack came to pick me up for our date. I did not mention or even glance at the roses. Instead, I quickly informed Jack that I had re-thought my wardrobe and I was going to go slip on a sweater. I went into my bedroom to change.
Now, the hall to my bedroom was decorated with 5 full length mirrors. So from my bedroom, I could spy into my living room. I watched Jack warily eye my roses. I watched him nervously pluck the card from its holder. I watched him put the card back and skitter to the other side of the room. When he was safely in the clear, I came bounding out of my bedroom cheerfully wondering aloud which movie the pair of us should see.
“I was thinking that we would skip the movie,” Jack replied, “I’ve got something else in my mind.”
I had never had so much fun on just one date. We went to some place and played laser tag. We went for a romantic hike in the woods. We ended the evening in an expensive Italian restaurant sharing plates of pasta full of good cheer. During dessert, Jack got serious for a minute. Finally, finally, Jack was initiating The Talk.
I’m having so much fun, he says. I want to see where this goes, he says. I’d like for us to be more serious, he says.
What he meant to say was that he’d like to beat the crap out of the mysterious guy who bought me flowers. Figuratively speaking, of course.
The point of my story isn’t to brag. I’ve been the girlfriend before and I’ve lost my man to a more fetching woman. However, I will stipulate that moments like that usually occur when one stops putting effort into the relationship.
The point of my story is to illustrate how inclined both sexes are to compete against their peers, even in terms of dating. Hell, especially in terms of dating.
I can usually tell if a relationship is doomed the second I hear a woman putting herself down in front of her boyfriend. Ladies! Constantly referring to yourself as ‘fat’ or ‘stupid’ or ‘worthless’ won’t inspire tenderness from most males. The only thing you’re doing is convincing him that he made a mistake in choosing you. It is no coincidence the second your self confidence evaporated was the same second he developed a wandering eye. You told him you sucked and now he believes you. He’s wondering if he could do better.
Men do the same thing. The self depreciating man who tells his girlfriend that he’s lucky she loves him because no one else will is begging her to suck his best friend’s dick. No woman respects a man she suspects would die fat and alone without her divine presence. What does that say about her that they guy she chooses to spend her time with is only with her because no one else would have him? Every time a man fawns all over his girlfriend because she had the benevolence to let him stick his pee pee in her, she starts to wonder if she could attract a guy who isn’t such a fucking tool.
And if you are a loser or a reject who struck gold by snagging your significant other? Pretend you’re not. Don’t constantly insult them by vaguely suggesting that they ‘settled’ for you. Besides, if your significant other is as wonderful as you say, they probably have solid, legitimate reasons for being in your company. Don’t underestimate yourself.
And if you have already lost respect for your significant other and wonder if you can do better? Drop them, already. Trust in the fact that there is someone, somewhere, who will see your ex as a good catch. Of course, your ex will probably convince them otherwise and get dumped again, but at least you don’t having to listen to that pitiful whining anymore.
Above all, respect the role that competition plays in our personal relationships. If you slack off during a race, you’ll likely lose that race. Likewise, if you slack off with your relationship, that relationship will probably bite the dust.
Unless, of course, you’re cheating. But in both cases, even the cheaters usually get caught."

Garfield vs. AFC

Saturday, December 19, 2009

How a teenage girl plans sex

Girl rats out brother for having some beers to parents.  Brother finds her list of guys she's hooking up with rated by what she'll let them do to her, as well as who already has. He posts it on Facebook.

Interesting to see the inside of a girl's mind.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Attraction Words

Here are some words and statements you should consider using more when in the attraction and qualification phase of a pickup.

Watch a natural operate and you'll see similar "feel" in the words they use.



"You rock! I think I'm gonna keep you."
"That's pretty awesome.."
"There's something different about you. It's good."
"I promised my friends I wouldn't meet anyone tonight!... They are gonna be pissed at you.." (smirk)
"You know what? You're half-way decent.."
"This is getting better by the minute.."
"I have to admit, you've completely turned around my first impression of you.."
"You're either the coolest girl I've met in a long time, or you're a total weirdo. I can't tell.  Probably a little bit of both."
"Oh, come on. You tell that to all the boys to impress them."
"You're pretty cool. Do you practice this?"
"You're like the mother of your group.  That's gonna be a real problem for me because I have a big soft spot for girls who take care of me."
"WOW!! I'm glad to know."
"Try not to be so awesome.. Things might get messy.."
"Knock it off.. You're giving me butterflies.."
"Wow, you're awesome. Can you believe we met here?"

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Gunwitch Method

This blog is for men.

It's not for men after it's been approved by women, or for men after sitting down and soul searching if it might piss people off.

Gunwitch is a pickup artist on the aggressive side. His techniques will get you laid. A lot.

His methods will also get you branded as an asshole if you talk about it. This style of pickup is geared towards same night lays, bj's in the club parking lot, and knowing the people at the health clinic on a first name basis. Use this information wisely.

This is the pure uncut China white of getting laid. You have been warned.

Gunwitch Method

Naked Hot Tub Neighbors

As much as having a hot tub rocks, remember your poor neighbors.


Here's a letter from one of them.

  1. You guys are freaking hilarious.  At the very least please record the audio from your night.  Last weekend's favorite quote: "I want your boobies to kiss my boobies."
  2. Please hand out a lyrics sheet to all members of the hot tub.  I would love to help pick the songs, if I'm going to have to listen to them.
  3. Let's make it an official rule. Every time a guy stands up, you ladies must yell at the top of your lungs "Cocktail!" and then drink.  Also for every time someone says boobies, the group drinks.
  4. Plastic Only! - Lesson Learned
  5. Just say "Turn off your porch light." rather than unscrewing it.  I will hop right up and do it.  I didn't realize when you were having someone unscrew a light it was mine.
  6. In the event you are playing "guess who's foot.", please be clear with your rules.  There seemed to be some confusion in the past.
  7. I didn't quite catch all the shapes that had been shaved in the ladies' Whoonie Nananas.  Please redo that conversation and this time a little louder.
  8. Bring back Willie.  Everyone loves Willie.  Or even better, just get Jack Black.  My favorite part was hearing him talk about how much he loves being a soccer coach to these little kids while he is sitting buck ass naked in a hot tub.  Somehow naked hot tubs and talks of children don't seem to mix.
  9. Start and finish times; 3:30am to 5:30 throws my schedule completely off.  Can we shoot for 1-3am?
  10. Thanks for describing the cup sizes.  Let's make that a habit.  Really, feel free to be as descriptive as possible.  When I compared notes with the other neighbors, we weren't exactly sure who had what.  Maybe repeat your name after the description.
  11. After this weekend we will have two more neighbors.  They will be living upstairs and I am guessing will have a pretty unobstructed view.  I do not know if they will find you as funny as I do.  Maybe an invite for them?
  12. Bathroom use.  Kudos to all of you who got OUT of the hot tub!  The couple of you who didn't... Shame!
  13. The ass smacking, although it sounded solid, I think needs some more work.  Don't be shy.  Really get after it!  After all, you're drunk, and you'll need something to remember it by.
  14. If you find yourself in a lull, feel free to just yell "Boobies!" or "Cocktail!" for no apparent reason.
  15. Last rule.  Please only have very attractive naked hot tub party attendees.  Unless you follow strict rules of bringing them home after I have gone to bed.  This will allow me to imagine it is Halle Berry, Jessica Alba, and Pam Anderson in your hot tub.
Last weekend, rather than get mad and try to sleep, I thought "Screw it. I'll just listen to the show. Twenty feet away just isn't far enough to stop sound."  Thanks for the entertainment.

-- Your neighbor.

Tattoo Guide

This should help you out if you're considering a new tattoo. You can also use this as a pocket reference in field.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Bachelor's Guide to Boy Toys (Part 6)

Cool Dog
Girl Gain: +5%

Cost: Purch: $0-500
A cool dog is defined as: Adorable, does NOT shit/piss on the floor. Does NOT make your house smell, or otherwise grossify it with excess hair/mud/chewed things and furniture.  If your dog has any or all of these traits, you are getting a net woman LOSS at all times.

Cost: Monthly: $50-100     Alpo and Vet visits aren't free.

Age ranges:
Five to Eighteen:     Everyone has pets at this age. Net neutral for women.

Eighteen to Thirty:     You show you are a protector of loved ones (your dog, but she'll correlate it to her and you guys' kids).  You know how to put your foot down enough to train a dog correctly because he can fetch, and doesn't shit on your floor.  If he does, you are a pussy and kind of gross with low value because you allow it.  If you have a good dog, then you can take him and her with you in your Jeep to reinforce your cool/outdoors/adventurous cred.  The dog doesn't GET you girls, but he might in some instances help you open girls or have girls open you if you travel with him a lot.  Dog parks are great for this. Add an additional +5% if he can catch frisbees.

Thirty to Sixty:  This dog gives you instant comfort with women your age, but no help with younger women.  Helps offset weirdness if you come off as creepy/weird or are very physically unattractive.  Also gives you a reason to go to dog parks/public places and not be the weird older guy walking around by himself.  Additionally, you will get opened by similar aged women at the pet store/etc.  Remember to use your dog as a conversation piece to build rapport.

Bachelor's Guide to Boy Toys (Part 5)

New/Kickass Sports Car
Girl Gain: +10%

Cost: Purch: $15-50k
You could get a two year old clean little Eclipse GT or something like that on the low end. You could get that new Mercedes/BMW/Porsche on the upper end.

Cost: Monthly: $500  Payments and insurance.  If it's nice, you want to keep it nice. When you sell it, you'll get some of your money back, so it's not that huge an anchor, but it still costs a lot.

Age Ranges:
Five to Fifteen:  Grow up kid, toys are for big boys. Go to college.

Fifteen to Eighteen:  Dad bought you one for your birthday.  Girls will tell everyone you're stuck up and spoiled in class, then give you head in the parking lot after school.  Other guys will be jealous and think you're a dick.  You will have sex with most of the hottest girls in your school and the surrounding schools as well. If you are a fat dude, or a bookworm nerd, this car might help you keep your band geek girlfriend for a year instead of a couple weeks before she leaves you for an Alpha.

Eighteen to Thirty:  After High School, nice cars don't get you girls.  You might get more smiles at intersections, but really not many more girls.  The girls you have in your life have been in cool cars forever, with all kinds of guys.  You are not impressing them.  A nice car is simply sprinkles on the icing on the cake that is you.  Your money is better spent on nice clothes and going out.  The money you spend on this car will eat you alive financially so you'll be a prisoner in your own shitty apartment, praying no one in the complex fucks with your shit.  The payments leave you constantly broke, so you will go through gf's leaving you because "We never do anything. I'm tired of sitting around the house."  You will be happier with a reasonable car with under $200 payments.

Thirty to Fifty:  You aren't impressing anyone.  If you want a nice car, get a decent Mercedes or truck and keep it clean.  If you like sports cars, then it should be an incidental cool extra like you're favorite jacket.  If she compliments it, then don't start talking about the Porsche club you're in, just say "Thanks, it's a lot of fun."

Bachelor's Guide to Boy Toys (Part 4)

Old/Wannabe Sports Car
Girl Gain: -15% (that's NEGATIVE)

Cost: Purch: $3-10k

Damn. you ALWAYS WANTED a Corvette/Porsche/300z, etc. Yeah, it's an '84, but Damnit, it's a CLASSIC.  I mean, it's got a lot of miles, but I could fix it up. I'm good at this stuff. Girls will LOVE this.

Cost: Monthly: $200-500
No matter how much you spend, it's never enough. This is how much you could spend every month for three years straight, and it will still NEVER BE ENOUGH.  You will always be broke and it will hang around your neck like a fucking anchor until you finally just kiss the cash you paid  plus everything you've sunk into away.

Age Ranges:
Five to Fifteen:  You try to fix up dad's old whatever, or the car you "bought" for $200 that just needs an engine/tranny/tires/interior/etc.

Fifteen to Eighteen:  You buy one and drive it for three weeks to two months until whatever breaks on it that costs $2000 to fix plus labor.  You have no car for a while until you get something that actually runs.

Eighteen to Thirty:  You forget about the first mistake and buy another one.  It breaks also, and now you are wiser.

Thirty to Forty-Five:  You try to help your friends/kids fix their turd up.  If you do manage to get it running, they immediately sell it, pissing you off because you did so much to help them get it running.

Forty-Five to Eighty:  You only buy cars that are new or classics that have been completely restored with receipt history. You are wise.

Note: At no time did this get you any additional sex or girls. No matter what they tell you about liking it, or even if they buy you little parts for it, they hate it and resent you for spending money on it. This DID however, keep you broke and shortened your relationships because you could have been spending the money on fun/vacations with women.

Bachelor's Guide to Boy Toys (Part 3)

Jeep Wrangler
Girl Gain: +15%

Cost: Purch: $5-25k.

You can get an old one, but don't.  Get a new or newer one with a minimum of A) Hard full doors B) Full size tires or bigger.  Don't get the dorky pussy Jeep thinking you'll upgrade it.  You won't. Get the one you want. It's ALWAYS cheaper that way.

Cost: Monthly: $350-500
Always shoot for one to five years or newer. They are really low maintenance and reliable as long as they aren't ragged out old ones.

Age Ranges:
Five to Fifteen: Grow up kid, toys are for big boys. Go to college.

Fifteen to Eighteen:  Even fat kids and bookworms get instant Alpha cred with a Jeep.  It also gives you a party guy/fun guy cred. If you drive a Wrangler, people assume you are having more fun than them. This will increase your coolness by 20-40% regardless.  You will bang a lot of girls and make a ton of friends.  The top tier girls may still be off limits that you could have gotten with the new sports car, but if you are already an Alpha guy, this is your best bang for the buck. (Pun intended)

Eighteen to Sixty:  You are automatically a cool, outdoorsy, fun, adventurous guy.  Take advantage of this truck to always pack it full of girls and friends.  Take girls on camping trips, go 4wheeling, hop curbs in the city.  A Jeep won't help you meet girls, but it'll help you keep them. It helps maintain "fun" over the length of the relationships.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Bachelor's Guide to Boy Toys (Part Two)

Here are some common boy toys and the real skinny on having them.     *Part Two*

Hot Tub  
Girl Gain: +20%

Cost: Purch: $1-3k
Get as new as you can afford. Nothing is as expensive as a cheap Porsche or Hot Tub.  Tub $1k, Wiring, $400, Misc stuff $500 (gadgets/chemicals/tools/etc)

Cost: Monthly: $100
Hopefully you paid cash, so with water treatment, additional power costs, and miscellaneous things to keep one ready to party all the time, this is fair.

Age Ranges:
Five to Fifteen:  You will get some SERIOUS games of doctor going with a lot of girls. You will probably see real live grown up woman boobies. When it's time to pick Dad's nursing home, remember when he hooked YOU up back in the day.

Fifteen to Eighteen:  Any time you get the tub alone, no girl is safe. Invite girls and tell them to bring their friends!

Eighteen to Twenty-Two:  College + hot tub = Pretty much everything you had wet dreams about from the time you hit puberty.

Twenty-Three to Forty:  You will have young (18-25yo) girls doing whatever you want, whenever you want, on command. You earned it, enjoy it.

Forty+:  Be careful not to be "Creepy swinger single old guy".  Don't mention you have a hot tub. Just be social, have a lot of friends, and let THEM recommend things move to the tub.  Any woman over twenty eight is putty in your hands.  Girls under that will be creeped out being in there if you're around, and really just want you to leave so they can fuck their boyfriends in it.

Bachelor's Guide to Boy Toys

Here are some common boy toys and the real skinny on having them.     *Part One*

Girl Gain: +15%
Cost: Purch: $4-8k
Get a nice used bike, NOT a new one. You WILL crash it a few times. Save the extra money for gear/extras.
Cost: Monthly: $150-200  When you count the payments, plus insurance and maintenance (tires/maintenance/etc), You're going to even out to about $200 a month to own a rideable, decent bike.

Age Ranges:
Five to Fifteen:  You will get more kisses from girls.

Fifteen to Eighteen: You will get more action from girls. You will hang out with older guys that give you access to older girls.

Eighteen to Twenty-Seven: You will realize that most "biker" chick groupies are pretty gross and dirty. Normal non-biker girls will love riding with you, hitting on you, and making their friends jealous because you have a "hot" bike and are therefore a "hot" guy. This is the sweet spot.  This also gives you real street cred because you're the real deal and not a poser. Note:  Crotch rockets get you 40% hotter, and 75% more girls on average than cruisers. Avoid really old (read: Older than ten years) bikes if at all possible. It needs to be shiny and pretty or girls don't dig it.

Twenty-Seven to Thirty-Five:  The bike will allow you to still regularly entertain young (18-25) girls. Your ass is too old to be at the night club, so make sure you have adventures and danger to keep them excited. They don't give a fuck about your 401k or new furniture.

Thirty-six +:  Keep riding! Your bike will keep you cool, while hanging out with active and financially stable people (or they couldn't afford the bikes). This also keeps your girl (25+) happy because she can be friends with the other gf/wives in a social setting. This additionally gives you reasons to spend a lot of time together and do small mini-vacations (bike trips to next state, bed and breakfasts,etc).

Friday, December 11, 2009

Advanced Eye Contact

So you think you have this "eye contact" thing down.


Here is a tip called "top down" eye contact. It's slightly more high value than you probably do it now. This is good for an extra couple points of Alpha. Try to work on it.

"Start with the very top of her head. When she looks at you, move your eyes quick DOWNWARD and lock gaze with her. When she looks away momentarily, bring your head right up to the top of her head level.

When she looks into your eyes again, you lower your eyes once more to connect to her eyes. In other words, your eyes are scanning from the TOP of her head, to her eye level and back to the top of her head."

The basic change is that you are now doing away with looking low or at the ground entirely. Alphas have their chins up because they are proud of who they are, and maintain eye contact with other men regularly. If you are starting from eyes down, and then bringing them up to hers, it's weaker than the top down.

Try it, you'll like it.

Additionally, remember that when you look directly and potently into a woman's eyes, her body produces chemicals like Phenyl Ethylamine (PEA). It jolts the sensation of being in love. It's one of the reasons you felt SO CONNECTED to the other person when you last did Ecstasy. It widens the pupils, drawing your gaze, which starts the PEA pump.

PEA is one of the chemicals you feel during that "God I'm soooo in love" phase the first few months of a relationship.

Push eye contact about 75% of the time if you want to really get the PEA flowing in her veins.

Funny frame of mind

You used to crack people up all the time, but you seem to struggle when trying to use your humor now. What happened?

Your humor is like any muscle. You have to use it or lose it.

Here are some easy ways to get it back quick!

(Credit to Don Juan)

1) Listen to and watch comedy whenever you can. NO sitcoms. They are written by betas for betas. Stand up comedy works best. Only watch it if YOU find it funny. You will notice most of the really great comedians tell funny STORIES, not jokes.

2) Hang out with funny people! Haven't you noticed how your funny friends have funny dads/aunts/uncles? That's because they spend every waking moment with them.

3)  Make a habit of listening to the comedy channel on XM/Serius if you have it now and again. If you don't have that, go rent some great stand up. Eddie Murphy, Richard Pryor, Robin Williams, or whoever you like. Plus it's hysterical.

4) Listen to comedy in the morning on the way to work/school. Whether it's your CD or something on XM. NOT fucking morning shows. That is exactly the WRONG kind of humor. It'll put you in a funny frame of mind and you can use it to practice making people laugh.

5) Do not "tell jokes". (Two seals walk into a club..) You are not her Grandpa.

6) Don't get intimidated if you don't get a laugh. Ignore it and move on like it didn't happen, maintaining a great mood. If you are being funny and having a good time, you literally don't even have to make sense and she/they will be laughing with you to maintain the fun vibe you're putting off.

7) Don't try too hard. If you are TRYING to make people laugh, you will bomb spectacularly. You are having such a great time, you are bringing them into your fun world, not impressing or entertaining.

8) Shatter expectations. Comedy is all about looking at the world from a different perspective. When you give them a glimpse from your point-of-view, you get laughs!!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Slacks are BACK

Slacks are in for casual wear.

Grey goes with everything. Brown also is a strong statement this fall. Feel free to pick up a few different shades.

You want to make sure you DON'T wear a belt, but that they simply fit your waist.

Express carries these for around a hundred, and they are machine washable. This is a bargain, as they are sharp, versatile, and less expensive than a decent pair of designer jeans.

Kylee's Travel Adventure!!

Two young American girls, seeking fun, adventure, and a whole lot of penis.

Kylee's Travel Adventure!

Remember, you may THINK you want the truth about that AMAZING summer she spent traveling. You don't.

Click here for all your pain to go away

Here's a link that will finally give you a place to bury your pain. You've been hurt, but now you must conquer and destroy. Take all your hurt and pain, gather it all, and unleash it riiiiiiight


You feel better now.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Word from a new guy.

The Professional and the Natural have literally changed my value of life. One of the key things I learned about is the notorious shit test. I kept doing things for girls that I thought were nice, that would set me apart from the other guys... You know, trying to be the perfect man, but instead of falling for me, they ran away from me. It's because I bored the shit outta them. One day, the professional told me I was getting destroyed by the female shit tests. So we went out, and every time a girl tried to run a shit test, the professional would tell me. And then he would knock her test outta the park, and the girl would pull a 180 and be on him. It took about a week for me to be able to notice the tests, but once i got it, my game changed in a big way.

Here's an example, exactly as it went down:

Her: "Hey, why don't you do this..."

Me: (Stare Down)

Her: (stares back but looks away)

Me: "Hey girl, let's share your drink. Oh, and let me get a cigg."

They want to test you, to see if they can bitch you. You just have to hold your ground and not give them an inch. And its even better if when you get them to share their shit with you. It makes no sense, but it drives them crazy.

Dating girls at your company

Here's a question recently asked about how to ask out a girl at work. He isn't sure she is into him, but he wants to take a shot.

There's this really cute girl at work. We have an alright rapport, but she's definitely been hit on a time or two and knows the game. (she's a sales rep and travels a lot)
I'd like to pursue this to see where it goes, but I have never successfully done a work hookup, or really even tried. I do better in the wild, especially bars and restaurants.

TBL approved answer:

Don't shit where you eat, regardless of how hot she is.
Don't shit where you eat, regardless of how hot she is.
Don't shit where you eat, regardless of how hot she is.

If you can't help yourself, then come off as a guy that has really fun stuff going on all the time with your friends after work. Your social circle is fun and cool, she's fun and cool.

"You should come out! We're getting together at X bar for wings and to watch the game. My buddy is bringing some girl. He said she's pretty I guess so help me out if she's ditzy or a stalker or something."
Now you are:
A) Fun
B) Have friends
C) Not asking her out either way
D) You date pretty girls.
E) You screen out pretty girls if they don't pass muster, (ditzy, stalker, etc). Therefore, you must be a high value guy to be able to screen out pretty girls.
F) There's actually no girl, but now she's with you there so SHE's the girl.
G) You've established you're single and open to a new relationship.
F) You guys are working as a TEAM.
H) She's not on the spot since you've disqualified yourself.
I) Even if she isn't feeling you, she might be interested in meeting your friends, who she will assume are the same attractiveness and coolness level as you. This is a further draw for her, and since you've disqualified yourself, if she actually isn't really feeling you, you are still "in" her social circle so you get a shot at all her cute girlfriends.

Either way it's win/win for everyone. You are bringing her value, getting a shot a multiple girls, bringing your buddies value as they get a shot at her girlfriends. It also increases your value as a social connector, which everyone wants to keep as friends.

The ugly truth about attractive women

This is going to hurt.

The below hold true for most women in varying degrees as a direct function of how attractive they are. On average, truly ugly woman may only have a few of these traits, however, truly hot women typically have most of these and more.

The difference really stems from how much of a sociopath they have been allowed to be since they were young. If you are beautiful, you have almost zero real consequences to your actions regardless of how evil or self centered they are. If you constantly do whatever you want and have literally ninety percent of the planet waiting in line to be near you regardless, it tends to warp your sense of right and wrong. The only wrong things are things that don't make you happy.

You may at first glance believe that this is simply a bitter man making things up, however women, and men who are around a lot of attractive women, will recognize their accuracy immediately.

As a man, you must ask yourself "Is this what I want?" Every man struggles with this. We all want a Ferrari, but we don't want the headaches and cost. None of us want the base model Ford, but we love the zero maintenance and that it's paid off. No one said it's easy kid. - Bon

(Below is from the epic post by Mark over at The Better Beta.)

1.  They don’t love you.  They are in love with love.
Those doughy eyes that glow forth with a passion that could traverse the whole of space and time come as standard as seatbelts in a minivan.  It was already in them long before you walked into the picture.  You’re not special, you just happened to meet them when they had an opening.  They are determined to fall in love and be in love, and you simply fit the bill for now.  If they can get you to marry them, they win.  If not, they have yet another story of an immature man who was scared of commitment to bitch about.  Either way, they win.
2.  "Just As I Am.”
You must take her as she is.  Any due diligence, shit testing, or investigation on your part will be met with hostility most foul.  She is unique, special, more than you deserve, and altogether lovely.  You will take her just as she is, or you’re an inconsiderate immature asshole.  She’ll work on your numerous faults later, after you acknowledge this eternal truth.
3.  They think they’re smarter than you.
They know your faults, they know how much of a bitch your mom and sister are, and they know exactly what you should do about it.  They control the relationship, and you’re nothing but a pawn in their sick chess game.  Right now, the only game is to get you to commit forever.  After that, their unbridled wisdom will be granted to you on a daily basis and forcefully applied to every aspect of your life.
4.  Most of the time, they actually are smarter than you.
He may not always go down without a fight, but he usually goes down.  You wouldn’t believe the shit these girls get their guys to do.  Amazing, and sad.
5.  It is indeed your fault.
Every instance where she’s gone up against an Alpha with a backbone and lost (got hurt) is your fault, and you will pay greatly to ensure the remission of his sins.  Every argument is directly related to your lack of communication and understanding.  Even the 2% of arguments you think you’ve won are merely her granting you a win because of your stunted, ill man brain.
6.  There’s a difference between getting married and being married.
At a ratio of 1,000 to 1, I hear conversations about getting married versus actually being married.  She wants the party, the handsome groom, and all eyes on her.  She’ll have plenty of time to whip you into shape after the fact.  She owns your ass then, so married life should be a grand adventure for her and doesn’t require an ounce of thought from her pretty little head.  She can always leave you and take your kids and half your shit if it doesn’t work out.  So really, outdoing her bitch best friend’s ceremony and reception is all that matters.
7.  Sex is an important aspect of love…and lust…and boredom…and learning…and growing…and expression…and revenge…and power…and loneliness…and happiness…and sadness…and self validation…and tropical vacations…and down time between boyfriends…etc.
Need I say more?  Chances are your sweetheart is more than a few locker room stories.  I have learned that the “rule of two”, which is dividing the partners a man claims by two, and multiplying the number the girl claims by two may not always hold true – many of them think they are still a virgin if they’re under 20 partners. However, I can certainly confirm that “blow jobs don’t count”.  So she may have “only” slept with 18 men, but that doesn’t account for all the dick that’s entered her body in one form or another.  Of course, you’d come closer to finding Jesus Christ in line for a Starbucks at the mall than you would finding out the truth about her cock intake by asking, so just listen for clues and form your own opinion.
8.  They show you off just as much as you show them off.
They don’t ask their friends “what do you think of him?” because they want an earnest opinion.  They ask because they want to make their girlfriends jealous.  If they don’t see the envy in their friend’s eyes, you’re gone, buddy.
9.  You will comply with her every wish, or you’re a selfish jerk.
50/50 partnership my ass.  Its her way or you’re out…once she has your replacement in her pocket, of course.
10.  Women give each other the worst dating advice imaginable.
I could write a book about the stupid shit I hear.  My favorite is that when you find a man who could be “the one”, hold out on him in the bedroom for three months.  Make him chase you for a while so that – and this is a direct quote – “he won’t think you’re trampy”.
11.  They lie.  My god, they lie.
The moment they feel something, it becomes truth.  The moment something no longer tickles their emotions, it becomes a falsehood.  They will lie, manipulate, and do whatever it takes to get what they want and honestly think nothing of it.  After all, it can’t be a lie or manipulation if they’re being true to themselves (thanks Oprah).  And as for how it affects the man, it matters not.  Remember, they’re smarter than you, and their growth benefits you too.  You should really thank her.
12.  They hate your single friends.
The most positive thing I’ve heard about a man’s single friends in my three years at that company is “he’s ok, I guess, but [boyfriend] needs to distance himself from him because he’s not going in the same direction we are”.  I could go on for ages with all the nasty things I’ve heard, and the plots to disassociate a man from a good friend he’s had since middle school.
13.  They hate their own friends.

As King of the world, I would ban women from talking about how aggressive and hateful men are.  Women are the most scheming, backbiting, twisted creatures on the planet.  They actually hate their friends and are overcome with jealousy when anything good happens to their peers.  I always have at least one trying to get the other fired…right before they go have their nails done together over lunch break.  This is really the only time I actually find myself afraid of women.  Their evil knows no bounds, and damn it, it scares me.
14.  They overvalue themselves.
Many women literally think that God Almighty himself stepped out of nowhere onto nothing and created the universe just for them.  They believe they are inimitable, distinctive creatures who should be referenced as a glowing and obvious example of all that a woman should be.  When they say “You’ll never find another woman like me!” they actually believe it wholeheartedly.  There is no one quite like them.  They are irreplaceable, and if you’re not smart enough to recognize it, you’ll undoubtedly live a life of solitude and regret before dying a lonely old man with no one to take care of him.
15.  Their perfect man will be greatly rewarded.  Then eaten.
From what I’ve seen, the poor Beta men who comply with this laundry list of horse shit are heroes and become the standard by which their girlfriend’s friends will judge their potential suitors.  But that only lasts for about two months until they get tired of his capitulating pansy ass and start longing for a real man to keep them in check.  Then they devour the Beta carcass and head out looking for an Alpha to treat them badly so they have something to bitch about again.