Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ten Rules of Feeling Good

  1. Make yourself feel good first.
  2. Never try to make anyone feel bad.
  3. Try to make everyone around you feel good.
  4. Making other people around you feel good makes YOU feel good. Even making others feel good is a semi-selfish gesture.
  5. You NEVER sacrifice your own good feelings to make another person feel good.
  6. You don't feel negative emotions, except when doing so makes you feel good.
  7. You don't try to fix problems. You try to make people feel better about them.
  8. If it's not your job, don't try to go logical or problem solve issues around. It's not fun.
  9. Never look down on anything. Be indifferent about stuff that you don't like.
  10. If you're failing to keep one of those rules, that's okay as long as you keep the appearance that you're following them.

The ideal kind of fun comes from a leader who engages in "mutual value escalation".  This is where someone makes someone else feel good, and themselves feel good at the same time.

Why do women love gay guys so much? They follow the feel-good plan, and mutually value escalate A LOT.

Example: "OH-MY-GOD! You're SO Pretty!"

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