Tuesday, January 5, 2010

What was your excuse again?

So you can't find a girl because of....

Oh, that's right. I mean, you'd have cute girls if only:

(Check the lame excuses that apply)
  • Your Height
  • Your Weight
  • Your Hair
  • Your Job
  • Your Situation
  • ((Insert your personal specific excuse(s) here) )

THIS GUY ONLY HAS A FUCKING ARM and he's got a girl you'd KILL to date.

He's a soldier on disability, so it's not his money she's after. What could it be that attracts her to him?

Personality, charm, and how he makes her FEEL. When she's with him, she's with a HERO. A Hero is by definition not just AN alpha, but THE alpha. She's not with a cripple, she's with a HERO.

His frame is ROCK SOLID.  Jack Nicholson looks horrible now, but gets the hottest girls. Why? Because he's not an old fat guy, he's a STAR.

When you start acting like an alpha, and keeping your frame strong, that's WHO YOU ARE. Women you meet don't know who you WERE, they know who you ARE. Act like a man, be a man, get the girl.

No excuses.

Tom Neathway. War Hero, Pickup Hero.   Respect.

Photos courtesy http://www.thesun.co.uk 

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  1. That guy is the mother fucken man

  2. Tom,

    As a fellow soldier I have nothing but Love and Respect Bro.

    Thanks Bon for posting a different angle on the side of pickup only Heros see.

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