Friday, March 19, 2010

How things really work

Pickup is a really tough thing to swallow.

Think about what you're REALLY telling a guy.

A) 10% of the guys have been banging 90% of the women your entire life and you haven't been in the 10%

B) Everything that everyone, including movies, culture, your parents, your friends, everyone you've ever known, including your girlfriends, has been wrong/bullshit.
C) All those times your girl left you or fucked some other guy it's been EASY for those guys simply because they had a little pickup knowledge, or they just naturally figured it out as a kid.

D) Everything you've been working for your entire life.. cars/house/success/money/life has been a waste of time because you can get the girl of your dreams and keep her happy with just some knowledge of how women actually work.

E) You are a chump. Women, and those 10% of men, know it and have always known it.

This is a TOUGH motherfucking pill to swallow.

The only thing that makes it worse is going out in the field and testing this stuff and getting girls, and nailing them on the same night, and their girlfriends. While their so sad nice guy ex bf or bf is texting his I love you sooo much messages to her. The same messages you've sent plenty of. Then it dawns on you what your ex gf's were REALLY doing while you were sending them and boo hooing. Once you've gotten over that shock, the shades are lifted from your eyes, and you're finally at one with how things REALLY work. Some men get to work and finally get their lives right. Some men run screaming in pure revulsion from the horror of the above realizations.
The haters are mostly guys who want to keep believing what the television and their mom told them, to just "be yourself" and everyone will have a happy ending. They'll get what they always got, and never understand the truth.
They'll keep hating "those fag jocks, man. They're fucking assholes. I don't understand why she's WITH those guys". The chumps will never get in the gym for six months, learn some pickup, and go GET the dreamgirl. They'll keep hoping for miracles, hating the successful guys, and shit talking anyone who points out the tested, verified, reproducable results that pickup is comprised of.

When the early astronomers, "Galileo, Copernicus, etc", first started telling people that the Earth went around the Sun, the religeous people tried to silence, then kill them. The astronomers were scientists though, and said "I don't care if it shatters your world, your belief system, or your God. This is how shit REALLY works."

Pickup: This is how shit REALLY works.

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