Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Natural

The Natural wrote down a few thoughts that bear posting.

You hear about true naturals a lot in pickup. You wonder what makes them a "natural" when social vibing and instinct is so tough for you.  Naturals understand basic things about interacting with people and have completely internalized them. You can see that they are basic but true. Most core truths are.

Sometimes it's the basics that you have to remind yourself of:

Give examples of  how you want to be treated. How can someone know if you're even capable of showing compassion if you, yourself, don't show compassion to others?

To make friends all one has to do is show an example of how you want to be treated.

You make friends the same way you make lovers.  Treat someone you want contact with the same way you, yourself, would want to be treated.

If you're a guy and you want to show a girl you care about her, then you show a soft, loving, caring, and compassionate side of yourself.

We all have different feelings inside of us and they are closely related to how we treat others.

The better you treat others, the better you yourself feel.

Say what you mean.

Do not lie just to spare feelings.

It's better not to speak if only bad will be the end result.

Why bring bad when the choice to do right is for the good of all.

To hate others is keeping in the good.  Let out the positive and reinforcing words into the world, or negativity will come in to replace the good.

Let your light shine, and bring peace and happiness.

Evil is only present when good is not around.

Positivity repels Evil.

The light is the only thing that brings clarity to see what is happening.

Be cool to others instead of just trying to piss people off.

Because that's just not cool motherfuckers! xx

Note: These are actual pictures of TN flying a 2meter at Kite point, Lake Hefner (Oklahoma City) 3-29-10. The best things in life are simple and free.

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