Wednesday, April 14, 2010

AMOG basics

If you are going out a lot, you'll sooner or later have to deal with AMOGs . It stands for "Alpha Male Other Guy". These guys attempt to bully or out Alpha you in an attempt to show dominance, and therefore social value.

This is actually a GOOD thing because it means you are projecting high enough value to be a threat to other Alphas for competition for the highest value women. They are testing you to see if you really ARE an alpha, or a faker.  Women will watch these interactions with GREAT interest. Not just your girl, but every girl in the room. Your girl will tell her girlfriends the next day about the interaction, win or lose.

You should already be an Alpha yourself (or working on it in the form of inner game, body language, confidence, and lifestyle), so most of the time they will recognize that value and either partner up with you, or even qualify themselves TO you. This is a GREAT gauge of how good your body language is. If they are trying to punk you, you're body language conveys that you are of lower value. If they try to qualify to you, they believe you to be of equal or higher value. You're body language is on lock.

If you catch them qualifying to you, simply friend them and ignore. If they are lame, ignore them so you don't lower your own value.

Many articles have been written on anti-AMOG tactics. I won't cover all of them, look them up.  Here are some basics though that will cover 95% of what you'll see in real life.

When in doubt, ignore if possible, then move away.

If they are up in your shit, friend them, then ignore.

If you can't ignore them, keep excluding them from the conversation. Act like they didn't even say anything, start talking about other stuff while they are still talking, etc. Try to not acknowledge anything. Never laugh at anything they say. The second you acknowledge them, you are bringing their value up to the same level as yours.

If at all possible, be having more fun than them.

Confronting is almost always lose lose. (The exception is to out AMOG the AMOG before he gets very far by bringing 10x the energy level to the interaction.) Here's an exchange that happened at a surf spot where a guy was standing a little too close to TN's girl this weekend.

RandomDood: "Hey girl, chatty chat lame chat."

TN: (Catches Dood about to run game because TN's game is airtight. Walks up to RD fast. REAL fast. Big smile. Laser beam eye contact on Dood.) "I fucking LOVE your bike. That is a SICK fucking bike. God DAMN you are a cool motherfucker." (BIG friendly slap on back. Standing CLOSE. REAL CLOSE.)

Randomdood: (shocked, not prepared for the energy difference TN just brought.) "Um, oh, yeah. It's coo.."

TN: (Cutting him off) "No, YOU'RE fucking cool. Come hang out with us any time." (Still big smile)

Randomdood: (Backs WAY up off TN's girl. Catches the implied drift. Realizes he's just been handed his hat.)

TN's Girl: :) (Realizes what just happened, and the fact that she's dating the REAL alpha.)

Outsmarting them verbally to their face to "win" only happens in movies and in nerds' minds. Remember, movies are written by nerdy screenwriters. Notice TN handled everything with energy and body language.

Roosh over at wrote the quickest, cleanest tactic I've ever seen if you get caught already in a verbal joust and need a quick out. Here it is, paraphrased from memory out of his outstanding book "Bang".

Randomdood: (Walks up into Roosh's set and starts gaming the girl Roosh has already been gaming for twenty minutes.) "Hey!! What's going on over here? Damn, you're cute."

Roosh: "Wait. (Points at girl) Do you like her?"
*Note: The guy has just been called out. He really only has two choices.
A) He says "Um Yeah." This automatically throws up her creeper screen and disqualifies him because remember that Attraction = Not conveying interest. Also, he's still just a random dood. Why would he like her other than looks?
B) He says "No, I'm just out having fun, etc, etc, blah blah". At this point he's already put his dick in a box and he's D-O-N-E.
Regardless of what he says you already have hand, so you simply have to hand him his hat.

Roosh: "That's cool. Well, there are plenty of cute girls here. Good luck brother, Don't give up!!"

If you find yourself getting AMOG'd a lot, then you are drawing it to yourself. I can count on one hand the number of AMOG situations I've dealt with in ten years of going out.

If a guy is trying to AMOG you, out to steal your girl, then some basics will help. The easiest way is to look up AMOG on Youtube. There are some great tutorials on body language to cut them out in a social setting.

Most of the time all you have to do is turn your girl a bit or pull her to the side and face both of your backs to them.
If they are still trying to work in or buy her drinks, then simply grab your girl by BOTH hands and pull her away physically to another location "Hey, I want to show you something cool." When you get her away, say "Here's the something cool, me." Then tickle her and continue gaming.

If you are dealing with a drunk asshole, it's always lose lose. If you confront them, you lose because you're in a fight. If you try a battle of wits, etc, you lose before you've even opened your mouth because you're acknowledging them as an equal. The best course of action is to "girl code" your girl by rolling your eyes and smiling a bit in a "wow, what a drunk idiot" way and/or mouthing the word "creepy" or "creeper" if you can get away with it.

Always be moving her away from the negative vibes of an AMOG.

Remember, Pickup, at it's core, boils down to this:

Become an expert in how to feel good.

Anything that isn't good feelings, is not moving you in a positive direction with the girl.


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