Friday, April 16, 2010

Improving your life

Improving your life has to be a total effort.

Learning to meet people isn't enough. You have to improve who you are.  This includes changing what you do.

Women CRAVE a man that is active and outdoors. They want to be that themselves, so they are looking for a man who lives that lifestyle and will bring them into that world.

You want to be doing things that are fresh and exciting and will make that girl "God, I can't WAIT to tell my girlfriends I met this cool guy that's into "insert active lifestyle activities here".

One of the most fun, exhilarating things you can get into is the new sport of kitesurfing.  Not only is it reasonably priced to get into ($1200-1500ish for full size kitesurfing. $150ish for trainer kites, learning), it's also something you'll truly love and have a passion for.

It's win/win on a number of levels.

A) You are out in the sun getting a tan

B) You are outside

C) You are surrounded by other healthy, active guys. This means instant social circle.

D) You aren't sitting around shitty gas stations with the bike or car club.

E)  You are teaching her something, and bringing her into a world she's never experienced.

F) It's hardcore cardio, which means you're getting into and maintaing great shape.

G) You get in touch with nature and yourself. It's all on you. Succeed or fail, crash hard, or touch the face of God.

H) Make this your world. Kitesurfing

You don't have to live somewhere tropical. We live in the middle of Oklahoma City, and kite surf at the city lake. It's AMAZING and there are thousands of people there every nice day watching and wishing they were flying with us.

If you can't afford to go full pop into it, go order a two meter trainer kite and take it to the park/lake. As you learn to fly it, and start having fun with it, you'll notice people coming up and opening YOU. Girls, guys, families, everyone. It's amazing to watch these fly, and everyone (including beautiful, fit, outdoorsy girls) will want to learn.

It's up to YOU to decide who to have friendly conversations with, and who to spend the afternoon teaching.

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