Monday, November 23, 2009

Hot Tub Update

Keeping you updated on the hot tub experience.

The TBL crew rolled out early Saturday morning to retrieve the hot tub.

The Good:
The tub is AWESOME. Huge, blue, nice. It even comes with a cover! It's a lot bigger than we thought. It's 8'x8'. That's a huge tub. Might cost a little more to keep heated, but it's definitely a party tub.

The Bad:
The truck we were going to use wasn't available at the last minute. The tub is so large it's iffy as to whether we can move it even with the big F350 we had. We are looking now at renting a flat bed pickup. Home depot has them for $20 an hour, and you can schedule a flat bed from Uhaul. We will call the hot tub moving service as well to see how much they charge. If it's under $300 it might make the most sense.


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