Monday, November 30, 2009

Your Bachelor Pad: Part One

One of the things the TBL crew sees a lot of is men who don't understand advertising.

The way you dress is literally a walking billboard of who you are. If you wear a cowboy hat and Wranglers, you are telling women "I enjoy and live the cowboy lifestyle." If you wear a suit and tie and drive a Mercedes, you are telling women "I am a financially secure professional."

The way your bachelor pad is decorated is exactly the same thing. If you want an athletic college girl, you want your pad to reflect that you are active and probably living a life that is similar to how she's chosen to live hers.

This is part one of a series we'll be doing on decorating your pad. We'll try to break it out by age group and messaging.

As an example of an active lifestyle pad for the 18-24 crowd, here are some pics and info ripped from where he shows his old post college bach pad decor. The Natural currently has his pad decorated in this style since he is under twenty-five and lives a very active life heavily involved in extreme sports.

Note that almost everything in this place screams what he's about and what age group he belongs to. A college age girl and her friends will immediately feel comfortable in this apartment and want to hang out/party. The message isn't "Damn, look how smooth I am." The message is "Grab some beers, come over and hang out!"

If you want more info on the numbered pointers, Nick lays it out Here


  1. Hmmm...I think that is too messy. I can't live comfortably in that kind of arrangement but maybe that will be great for the others specially teens. Extreme NO

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