Tuesday, November 17, 2009

On Naturals

One of the best things you can do is get some guy friends that are naturals. I have seen things happen with naturals that just do not happen to regular guys.

On Halloween day my good friend "The Natural" and I were in line checking out at the grocery store and the hottest little nineteen year old blonde in a Goldi locks costume actually hand signaled the bagger girl and cashier to not let us leave until she could get his number to go to whatever party he was going to. We weren't wearing costumes or flirting in any way. She simply saw two guys with alpha body language and instantly knew we were the kinds of guys that would be going to a kickass party that night.

The best part was that while she's giving us the number, two or three coworker guys are literally standing there going "What the fuck? We've been trying to get you to come out with us all week." Clearly these guys had been running their weak ass game on her from day one with no play and they saw us getting it gift wrapped on a silver platter. She didn't know anything about us but body language and eye contact.

You may ask yourself what he said to her to "game" her. Nothing. Literally. He just repeated her words back to her while keeping her eyes locked and maintaining body language.

Here's how it went down word for word.

Sacker girl: "Hey, my friend wants to you wait for a second she wants to talk to you."
Us: We both turn around and look at her working at the next lane.
The Natural: "Here we go.."
Goldi Locks: (Walks up to us, doggie dinner bowl eyes locked in TN's tractor beam eye contact) "What are you doing tonight?"
The Natural: (Almost smirk, low voice, stepped in close maybe four inches of distance nose to nose, circles her forcing her to turn to maintain eye contact) "What are YOU doing tonight?"
Goldi Locks: "Why don't you take my number? I get off at ten. I'll come party with you guys."
The Natural: "Give your number to my friend. Later."
Goldi Locks: "Ok. Call me. Really."
The Natural: Walks away while I get digits (and piss off all her lovestruck coworkers)

The power of having friends like this is that when you are in a similar situation you will know what to do and how to do it. I could go into all the technical things that happened in the interaction (forcing/testing compliance by making her turn, domination by stepping way inside her personal space, etc, etc) but with naturals you learn so much faster through examples.

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