Monday, November 23, 2009

Your Mood is Contagious

The single most unifying trait of an attractive person is that they are masters of making people feel good.

Want to be attractive to women? Become an expert in how to feel good. Always be having fun. At the bar, at the club, at your house, at work. You are smiling and laughing and even the smallest things are SO COOL. Everyone wants to hang out with that guy. Everyone wants to be around the person who they know will always be having a great time and be in the group that surrounds him.

Want to be the leader of your social group of guy friends? Become an expert in how to make other people feel good. Be excited about what they have going on. "Damn dude, that new haircut kicks ass!" "Wow, you just made the can in the trash from all the way across the room. No one makes it in less than three tries. You are the man!" If they have their friend or girlfriend with them even better, because then you are building them up in front of others which makes them feel GREAT. This is not kiss ass, this is acknowledging the cool things in people's lives. Know that when their girlfriend's hot friend is in town, that they'll bring them to YOUR house because he knows there is a positive energy and fun.

So many people get it confused when trying to be fun and popular. They think that if THEY are really cool, then people will like them. This is not correct. Popularity is a function of how cool you make OTHERS feel.

You must feel how you want others to feel. If you can't do that, then don't come into their world.  Go do your walk by the lake with the dog, sing your favorite song in the car at full volume, THEN walk into their world.

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