Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ten second kiss close

Thought I'd post this for those that think it takes a long time to kiss a girl in day game.

This went down last night at a gas station in NW Oklahoma City around Eight.

Bon: Checking out at counter, no other customers, eye contact with clerk, slight smirk. "You want to hear a funny story about this place?
Rockergirlclerk: "About his place? Sure."
Bon: "Bout three years ago I came in here and it was empty like this and there was this REALLY cute blonde behind the counter. We had instant eye contact. There was something there. She knew it..and I knew it. It was just like.. That magic. You know when people just... connect? It was like that"
Rockergirlclerk: Nods, smiles, interested "Yeah."
Bon: Steps in gently, drawing her, starts circular gazing..right eye, lips, left eye..right eye, lips, left eye.. "Well, we just kept looking at each other, closer, and closer, both of us leaning in, didn't say anything, just leaning in..and we just kissed."
Rockergirlclerk: Leaned all the way over the counter about to fall over only about a foot between our noses, eyes as big as saucers, licks her lips ready for the kiss.
Belloverthedoor: **RINGRING!!** as a customer walks in, breaking the spell.

This should be a lesson. From hello to kiss close in under fifteen seconds. It can be done if you bring her into your world.

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