Friday, December 18, 2009

Attraction Words

Here are some words and statements you should consider using more when in the attraction and qualification phase of a pickup.

Watch a natural operate and you'll see similar "feel" in the words they use.



"You rock! I think I'm gonna keep you."
"That's pretty awesome.."
"There's something different about you. It's good."
"I promised my friends I wouldn't meet anyone tonight!... They are gonna be pissed at you.." (smirk)
"You know what? You're half-way decent.."
"This is getting better by the minute.."
"I have to admit, you've completely turned around my first impression of you.."
"You're either the coolest girl I've met in a long time, or you're a total weirdo. I can't tell.  Probably a little bit of both."
"Oh, come on. You tell that to all the boys to impress them."
"You're pretty cool. Do you practice this?"
"You're like the mother of your group.  That's gonna be a real problem for me because I have a big soft spot for girls who take care of me."
"WOW!! I'm glad to know."
"Try not to be so awesome.. Things might get messy.."
"Knock it off.. You're giving me butterflies.."
"Wow, you're awesome. Can you believe we met here?"

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