Monday, December 28, 2009

How to pick me up - by a hot girl

Here's a recent run down on how to pick up a hot girl, written by one.

  • Tell me something I don't know.  By that, I mean don't tell me about what level you are in WOW or about fantasy baseball league (unless I ask).  Tell me about something you saw in the news recently, a trip you just came back from, etc.  Most girls have heard all of the same things before.  Providing me with something new makes you a lot more interesting.  It also makes you seem like you're just friendly and trying to have a conversation, not like you're trying to get in my pants.
  • The right kind of girl could probably care less what you're wearing in terms of brand.  As long as it doesn't add ten pounds to your frame or your t-shirt says something like "made you look".  That being said, do not dress or look like a total douche bag.  I'm not impressed by jewel-adorned jeans or t-shirts (save that for the ladies). I'm not attracted to bright orange skin, or hair that makes me want to touch it only because I know it won't move.  Personally, I'm attracted to the "I care but I don't" look, like jeans and a t-shirt or hoodie.  We can tell if you're comfortable in your clothing, and more importantly we can tell if you're trying too hard.
  • Pick up lines are not a solid introduction.  Simply saying "Hey, what's going on?" or giving a genuine smile is probably your best bet.  If she replies or smiles back, it means she's A) not a bitch and B) most likely willing to have a conversation of sorts.  If the conversation dies, let it die.  Just say "See you around." or something.   Don't stand there in the hopes it will pick up.  If she's interested, she'll let you know.  Also, leaving the conversation before it even gets to that point is good.  If you're not getting any positive vibes, just politely bail.
  • I cannot stress the importance of smelling good.  However, don't make me wonder if you work for Axe or The Body Shop.  This goes for your body AND your clothes.
  • If you have any, bring a female friend.  It will probably make you feel more comfortable and make you appear as if you actually know how to talk to girls.  Also, she'll be able to save you if it seems like you're digging yourself a hole.
  • Act like you're having fun and a good time!
I hope that helps. Good luck, Stud. :)  - Reina