Saturday, December 26, 2009

Knowledge is Power- Scientia potentia est

Scientia potentia est - For also knowledge itself is power

We may believe, as a community, that we can be lead to knowledge by the masters of our art. One of my earliest students I taught Scientia potentia est too was Autumn, a young, aspiring seduction scientist.

"Surely, Mystery has experienced all my problems, and comes with solutions? By reading his writings, surely I can gain knowledge, and therefore be a confident Master Pick Up Artist (MPUA)?"

I replied:
"No man can lead you to knowledge. Knowledge comes with learning. Understanding. And, most importantly building connections between your own beliefs, mindset and skills. Knowledge can only be gained from within."

I realised that most need to be taught how to truly acquire knowledge. Thankfully, there is a simple method you should make your New Years resolution. Read a source (blogs, books , transcripts etc), whether its NLP, PUA or just a related topic that catches your attention, at least once a month. To truly learn this material, I suggest you take notes as you see key points, in your own words. And, overall, these notes should consume less than what you can fit on a postit note (or 1/8 of a A4 page).

Now, the knowledge part. Revisit just these notes after 2 months, or when you require the book. By reading just the notes, you should remember writing them, where they apply, and suddenly, you'll reabsorb the main meaning of the book. Think how this applies to other books you've read. Does it match? Improve? Or disprove? What do you prefer? As you build these links, you'll spot patterns rapidly. You'll be able to solve situations not just from a Mystery point of view, but also from other sources, building a more natural, self method to seduction.

Try it. Make it your target for the New Year.


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